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Welcome to my little island in the online world. Relax, kick off your shoes & have a look around.

With another year under my belt I'm looking back at my personal experiences of 2016 with the regular review of my year.

For four weeks in November/December 2016 I joined a 'small group' tour of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Read all about it (and see lots of pictures) here.

Every year my sisters & I take our mother out for a birthday treat. See what we got up to for Vi's birthday tea 2016.

In November 2016 I led My last dance workshop, a day-long event in Malvern, England. Here are some of my thoughts and memories of it.

The 1970's TV show UFO passed me by the first time around but I recently got hold of the DVD box set. It isn't something I can actually recommend but I had an interesting time Rewatching UFO.

I've written what may well be the last entry in my synthesizer blog - A fifth month with the Volcas.

I've tidied up the blogs about my new synthesizer music hobby which can now be found grouped together as Life with the Volcas.

I've finally completed the blog of my new home in Bradford on Avon, a process that began just about two years ago. You can read the final instalment here.

It seems that I've passed the probationary period at my new job as I now appear on the 'about us' page of the company website. Yay!

In January I returned to Taroudant in southern Morocco to teach a dance workshop there. And to have a winter holiday. You can read about my trip and see some pictures here.

The list of dances & music from my workshop in Taroudant can be found here.

Over the years my relationship with popular music (in the broadest sense) has been fairly intense and although we've been through some rough patches we're getting on much better now. Read about the evolution of My personal radio station.