Quick & easy bookkeeping for basic accounts

AndyBooks is now available on the Mac App Store! If you're using a Mac and are running MacOS X 10.7 (Lion) or later you can get to it here.

Q & A

The app crashes when I use a # symbol in the description.
This is fixed in release 1.7.
You can avoid the crash by putting a space character after the #.

How do I set a starting balance and show a running balance?
Select 'Statement' display to show the running balance, double-click on the opening balance to edit it.

How do I export the figures for use in another app?
Copy (Cmd-C) will take a tab-delimited copy of the data currently being displayed, which can then be pasted (Cmd-P) into a spreadsheet, word processor or other app.

The app will not open my old files!
This is fixed in release 1.6.4.

The app crashes when opening it under MacOS X 10.6.8.
This is fixed in release 1.6.

Importing information from AndyInvoicer files more than once (e.g. to maintain monthly accounts) results in duplicate entries for paid invoices.
This is fixed in release 1.3.1

It's not possible to enter some money values (like 4.95), they appear a penny too low.
This is fixed in release 1.1


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