Quick & easy invoicing

AndyInvoicer is now available on the Mac App Store! If you're using a Mac and are running MacOS X 10.7 (Lion) or later you can get to it here.

Q & A

When running under Mavericks (OS X 10.9) invoices cannot be viewed, only a box containing the amounts appears.
Fixed in release 1.5.3.
You can work around the problem by dragging another window in front of the AndyInvoicer window while the invoice is being shown (when just the amounts are visible) and then revealing the window again & clicking on it. The invoices will be shown correctly while the window remains visible but you'll need to do this again if you close and reopen it.

The app crashes when opening it under MacOS X 10.6.8.
Fixed in release 1.5.

The app crashes when attempting to manually add clients, rates or items.
Fixed in release 1.5.

New in release 1.4
You can now set a title for an invoice, which is printed above the charge lines.
Invoice footers can now have several lines.

New in release 1.3.1
Invoices can now be exported as PDF files, for attaching to emails. There's a PDF button on the Invoice sheet that creates a new PDF file for the invoice.

Untitled files are not being automatically saved under Lion (MacOS 10.7).
Under investigation
When you create a new file you should save it, after which it will autosave correctly.

The Copy button on the invoice sheet doesn't copy the invoice details to the clipboard.
This is fixed in release 1.3

Invoices are printed with £ signs even though a different currency has been set up.
This is fixed in release 1.2

It's not possible to enter some money values (like 4.95), they appear a penny too low.
This is fixed in release 1.2

If you have more than one client with the same name sometimes the wrong one is selected when creating a new invoice.
This is fixed in release 1.2


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