I have been programming computers since 1984. For the first ten years I worked on large, bespoke systems running on ICL mainframes, using COBOL and proprietary programming languages. Since then I have specialised in C, C++ and Objective-C, primarily on Apple Mac systems and iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) but with some work in Windows and unix.

Some of the public apps & programs I've worked on are:

theTrainline (iOS)

Journey planning & ticket purchasing app for theTrainline.

Stræ (iOS)

Icelandic journey planner, dual-language in Icelandic & English.

NXWM (National Express West Midlands) (iOS)

Real-time bus & metro information for the West Midlands.

TrapezeTaxi (iOS)

Taxi booking app. This was the demonstration app, 'skinned' versions were produced for several taxi companies in the UK and abroad.

Traveline Scotland (iOS)

Journey planning app for Scotland.

Scot Talk (iOS)

Journey planning app for the visually impaired, featuring voice recognition.

Traveline Cymru (iOS)

More journey planning, this time in Wales. The app was dual-langage in Welsh & English.

AndyInvoicer (Mac & iOS)

Invoice management & tracking.

Also AndyInvoicer Mini, a cut-down version for iPhones.

AndyBooks (Mac & iOS)

Accounting & bookkeeping. Runs in English, French, German & Spanish.

Also AndyBooks Mini, a cut-down version for iPhones.

AndyTaxBooks (Mac)

An expanded version of AndyBooks that includes tax accounting.

Network West Midlands (Net WM) (iOS)

Travel information for West Midlands bus, train & metro services

Stansted (iOS)

Official app for London Stansted Airport - flight, travel & airport information.

Teacher's DJ Mini (iOS)

Music player & arranger for dance (and other) teachers.

AudioCue (iOS)

Sound effects, music & audio manager for theatrical & other performances.

TaxiBooks Mini (iOS)

Accounts notepad & bookkeeping for taxi & private hire drivers.

Event Assistant (Mac)

Budgeting & accounting for workshops, classes & other events.

Symbol Libraries & others (Mac)

Professional graphics & clip-art libraries.

MacDraft (Mac)

CAD design, drafting & technical drawing.

Interiors Pro (Mac)

3D modelling & interior design.

Carshare (Mac)

Community car share organisation & accounting.

ESP Compose World (Mac, PC, Acorn)

Educational music software.

TextEase (Mac, PC, Acorn)

Educational DTP & multimedia composition.

SoftWindows (Mac)

Windows emulation software.

RealPC (Mac)

Games-optimised version of SoftWindows.