This is one of my own choreographies.


The music has an even, 4/4 rhythm but the steps have a short-long or short-short-pause rhythm within this. Each step is followed by a touch and a pause, which should come easily from the pulse of the music.


Start in a circle, arms in a V hold, facing to the right.

Throughout the dance each step is followed by touching the other foot beside the standing foot. There are two parts with a different melody for each.

First Part

Take eight step-touches around the circle to the right, starting with the right foot.

Second Part

Turning to face centre step to the side with the right foot and touch beside it with the left, then step to the side with the left and touch close with the right. Take two step-touches forward towards the centre, starting with the right foot, and slowly raise the arms to a W hold. Step-touch to the side with the right, then to the left, and finally take two step-touches to back out from the centre, slowly lowering the arms back to a V hold.

There is an introduction which lasts eight slow beats, the dance starts with the melody. At the end of the dance the second part is repeated - listen for the high voice descending.


Angelus by Andy Bettis - buy it from me!


Part of the inspiration for this dance was the Catholic tradition of the Angelus, a bell that is sounded as a call to prayer. For me the first part represents moving through everyday life, while in the second part we pause, join together to create a sacred space (temple / chapel / etc.), come together in that space, and then return to our day to day lives.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 7/2002