This is a Kurdish dance that I learnt from Laura Shannon.


The music has an even, 4/4 rhythm and there is a step on each beat.
I've also done this dance to music in 5/4 where the steps are split 2-3.


Start in a line with arms in a W hold. You should keep close to your neighbour on the right throughout the dance.

Touch in front with the left heel, the close the left beside the right.

Touch in front with the right heel, then close the right beside the left.

Cross the left foot in front very tightly, so that the outsides of the feet are touching. Close the right beside the left and lower the arms to a V hold. Raise them back to a W hold on the first step in the sequence.


Allah Allah/Kamenite from Fire in the Feet by Xenos.


The arms movements must be sharp but relaxed - forcing them down and/or using the shoulders will be tiring for you and painful for your neighbours. Let them drop down on the last step and swing back up on the next one.

Keeping the crossing step small and making the last step a close rather than swaying back to the left really focusses the dance.

Staying close to your neighbour helps keep the line moving as one. This may be difficult while people are still finding out how the arm swing fits in with the foot sequence!

Dance description by Andy Bettis - November 2002