This is an Armenian dance that I learnt from Laura Shannon.


The music is in an even 4/4 rhythm with a step on every beat


The dance is done in a circle, arms in a W hold. Start off facing right of centre.

Take three steps forward, starting with the right, taking a curved path into the centre, ending up facing centre. On the first step move the arms to the right, then to the left, then back up to W.
Hop back on the right foot.
Step back with the left, then to the side with the right while turning to face right.
Take three steps around the circle, starting with the left, in a quick-quick-slow rhythm.
Turning to face centre, step to the side with the right foot and extend the arms to the right, then touch the left slightly in front of where it was. Repeat this to the left, then right, then left.


Catskill Road by Oasis Middle Eastern Ensemble.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 3/2014