Bitolsko Romsko


Rom dance from the southern Balkans.


The dance step rhythm is three slow steps followed by two quick ones, which continues throughout the dance. The slow steps are not very slow, but the quick ones are twice as fast (if you see what I mean).


Start in a W hold in a line, facing right of centre.

Facing to the right step forward on the right foot, touch beside it with the left, step forward with the left, then quickly step forward on the right, and quickly with the left.

Turning to face centre step to the side with the right, cross in front with the left, replace the right, then step in place with the left and right (quick steps). Repeat this pattern to the left, then to the right again, then to the left again.

The dance begins at the start of any musical phrase.


Tresenitsa and Oj Dada Sala, both from Fire in the Feet by Xenos.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 2/2003