This is a Pontic Greek dance. I first learnt it from Joe Kaloyanides Graziosi in 2000.


The rhythm for this dance is 9/8, danced as 2-2-2-3 or, as the first step is always slow or followed by a small lift, as 4-2-3. The singing and musical phrases are out of phase with the dance steps (as they are described here) so you really need to LISTEN TO THE DRUM! If you tap along you should be able to find the 2-2-2-3 rhythm which will lead you into the dance, but this takes a lot of practice.


Start in a W hold in a line, facing right of centre.

Step forward with the right foot, slightly diagonally to the right of centre. Bring the left leg forward with a slight bounce, then step forward with the left, and stamp beside it (not too hard) with the right.
Step straight back from the centre with the right, bring the left foot back with a slight bounce, step back with the left, then step back with the right.
Step back and to the side with the left, then make a small bounce on the standing leg. Move the right foot slightly forward and sway onto it, then sway back onto the left.

Once you have found the rhythm start at the beginning of any musical phrase.


Dipat from In the Orange Gove by Xenos.

Kato Stin Ayia Marini from Čirikli by Xenos.

Stis Trihas To Yefiri by M. Kaliontzidis, from Songs and Dances of Pontos Vol. 1 produced by Joe Kaloyanides Graziosi.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - April 2010