Gajde Preshevare


Rom dance from north-west Macedonia, with a strong Albanian influence. I learnt this dance from Steve Kotansky in 2001.


The music is in 7/8 split into 3-2-2, so for each three steps the first one is longer than the other two. Sometimes it's easier to think of the sequence as starting with the second step with a rhythm of quick-quick-slow, but whatever you do LISTEN TO THE DRUM!


Start in a W hold in a line, sort of facing centre throughout.

Lift the left foot, lift it again, then step to the side, cross the right in front of the left, bounce on the right, then replace the left. Repeat this sequence with reversed feet, starting off with lifting the right foot, then repeat it again starting with the left.

Lift the right foot, then lift it again (as if you're continuing with the first sequence), step to the side, and cross in front with the left. Lift the right, step to the side, and cross the left in front. Again lift the right, step to the side, and cross the left in front. Once more lift the right, and step to the side, which is the end of the travelling sequence. Start the first sequence again, starting with two lifts of the left foot.

Once you have found the rhythm start at the beginning of any musical phrase.


Gajde Preshavare from Macedonia Dances by Marem Aliev.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 2/2003