Idam Ne Idam


A dance choreographed by Yves Moreau, based on traditional steps from Pirin-Macedonia in Bulgaria. I learnt this dance from Yves in 2000.


The dance is in 7/8, counted as 3-2-2 or slow-quick-quick.


Start in a circle or line in a W hold, facing to the right.

First Part

Starting with the right foot take six steps forward, in slow-quick-quick rhythm.
Turn to face centre, and step to the side with the right foot.
Lift the left foot in front of the right, then pause.
Repeat the side-lift to the left.
Do all of this again.

Second Part

Facing centre repeat the sequence, but this time going into and out of the circle:
Take six steps forward, staring on the right.
Side-lift to right and left.
Take six steps backwards, staring on the right.
Side-lift to right and left.
Do all of this again.

Third Part

Facing right, take three slow steps forward. This is in slow-slower rhythm.
Face centre and lift the left in front of the right.
Step to the side with the left.
Lift the right in front of the left.
Do this part four times.

The music for the third part plays as an introduction, the dance starts with the singing.


Idam Ne Idam from Izvor - The Source Volume 1 produced by Yves Moreau.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 8/2003
Based on Yves Moreau's notes