Jambolska Rachenitsa


A line rachenitsa from the area of Jambol, in the East Thrace region of Bulgaria. I learnt this dance from Yves Moreau in 2000.


The rhythm is 7/8, counted as 2-2-3. For most of this dance there are just two steps per bar, split 4-3.


Start in a line in a W hold, facing to the right.

Step forward with the right foot, with the knee bent.
Lift the left foot behind.
Repeat with the left foot.

Take three quick steps forward, starting with the right.
Repeat, starting with the left.

Turn to face centre and jump to the side with the right, while extending the arms forward.
Step behind with the left, bringing the arms down.
Step to the side with the right, bringing the arms up.
Lift the left foot beside the right, bringing the arms up into a W hold.
Step forward with the left.
Lift the right behind the left.
Step back on the right.
Lift the left in front.

Step to the side with the left foot, leaning slightly to the left with a little bounce.
Close the right beside the left, straightening up with another little bounce.
Do this part three times.

Step to the side with the left.
Turn to face right and lift the right foot.

Once you can hear the rhythm in the music start with any musical phrase.


From Bulgarian Folk Dances presented by Yves Moreau, a workshop tape.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 8/2003
Based on Yves Moreau's notes