A Greek Macedonian dance from Florina, also known as Pušteno or Litos. I learnt this dance from George and Georgia Lazarou in 2003.


The music has a tricky rhythm that I'm not even going to tell you about!* From a dancer's point of view it's quick-slow-quick-quick, just follow the rhythm of the music and don't think too much about it.


Start in a line with a W hold.

Lift the right foot, then step to the side with the right (slow). Cross behind with the left foot, then step to the side with the right.

Step forward and diagonally right with the left foot, then forward again with the right (slow). Step forward with the left, then rock back onto the right.

Lift the left foot, then step back on the left (slow). Step to the side with the right foot, then cross in front with the left.

Wait until you can hear the rhythm in the music (listen for quick-slow-quick-quick) then start with any musical phrase.


Pušteno from Florinalia by Xenos.

Levendikos from Balkan Spirit 8 produced by David Roberts.

Poustena from Balkan Brass Music by Xpisodaktila Orxhstra.

Leventikos by Ellines Akrites 7.

* It's actually in 17/8, split 4-6-4-3. I think of it as a 9/8 with a long 2 and a quarter of a beat snipped off the end. Just listen to the music and all will be well.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - November 2003