A Macedonian wonen's dance, often called Maritsa Zensko Oro. Zensko Oro translates as 'women's dance'.


The music has an even, 4/4 rhythm with a step or lift on every beat.


Start in a line in a W hold, facing right.

Lift the right foot, then step forward on it. Repeat with the left.

Take three steps forward, starting with the right foot. Turn to face centre and lift the left foot in front.

Step to the side with the left foot, then lift the right in front. Repeat to the right.

Turn to face left and take three steps forward, starting with the left. Turn to face centre and lift the right foot in front.

When taking the three steps forward the knees can bend slightly, and the steps can be quite long.

As the music speeds up the leader can signal for the arms to come down into a V hold.

Zletovsko Oro has a short introduction with a completely different rhythm, wait until the drum comes in before starting!


Zletovsko Oro from Macedonian Folk Music by Tsrvena Kniga.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 11/2003