Traditional Chasidic dance steps arranged by Steve Kotansky. I learnt this dance from Steve in 2004.


An even 4/4 rhythm throughout. There is usually one step per beat except for the sways which are twice as long.


The dance is done in a circle, with arms joined in a W hold. The arms raise higher up on each sway and then lower back to the W hold on the next off beat.

First Part

Sway to the right, then the left, then side right, close the left, side and sway to the right. The rhythm is slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. Repeat this with opposite feet, starting to the left.

Do the first part twice.

Second Part

Step across in front with the right, side to the left, cross behind with the right, side to the left. Repeat this grapevine sequence.
Slowly sway right, left, right, left. (The first sway is in the opposite direction to the way you've been moving.)

Repeat the two grapevines starting with right cross in front.

Take four steps into the centre, starting with the right, and raise arms high. Then take four steps back, lowering them.


Nign from Jews with Horns by The Klezmatics.
This track is also found on Findhorn 2004 produced by Steve Kotansky.
There is no introduction, so you can either start on the first beat or miss out some of the first part. I usually let the first phrase pass and start with the sway to the left.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 3/2005