Osagovka is a Macedonian dance. I learnt this version from Michael Ginsburg and other dancers at Ramblewood Balkan Camp in 2001.


The music is in 11/8 time, which is counted 2-2-3-2-2 or as five beats with a long count on three. In this dance the steps are longer and counted as 4-3-4, except for the last two steps in the sequence which are double speed. Don't worry about all this, just LISTEN TO THE DRUM!


Start in a circle, arms in a W hold, facing to the right.

Step forward with the left, lift the right, and step forward on the right. Step forward with the left, lift the right, then turn to face centre and step to the side (still moving in the line of dance). Point the left foot forward (just off the ground), then lift the left, quickly step back on the left and quickly close the right beside it.

The first step comes straight after the two fast steps at the end, so it feels like a 1-2-3, and it needs to be sharp and on the beat for the dance to really 'work'.

Once you have found the rhythm start at the beginning of any musical phrase.


11/8 from Melodies for Macedonian Tambura and Kaval by Adam Good.
Ovcepolsko Oro from Heart of Uncle by 3 Mustaphas 3.
Osogovka/Kumanovsko Oro from Macedonian Folk Music by Tsrvena Kniga. (Very slow and meditative.)

Dance description by Andy Bettis 2/2003