A dance from the Almopia region of Macedonia. I learned this dance from Tracy Lean in 2010, she learned it from Christos Apsis.


The dance is in an 11/8 rhythm split 3-4-4, the first step in each group of three is slightly quicker than the other two.


Start in a line in a V hold, facing centre.

Touch the left foot in front, then lift it, then step back on it.
Touch the right foot in front, then lift it, then step to the side with it.
Cross the left in front of the right, then lift the right beside the left, then step to the side with the right.

The two touches can also 'hover' over the ground rather than touching it.


Patrounino from Proschordo by Kostas Kalaitzakis

Patrounino from Eghorda Typou Laoutou - Long Necked Lutes by Petros Tabouris

The dance can begin at the start of any musical phrase.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - April 2010