Posadila Baba


This is another variation on a very common Balkan/Rom dance. I learnt in from Anne Hildyard in 2005.


Even 4/4 rhythm.


Start in a line, arms in a W hold, facing right. (I've also seen this dance done in a V hold.)

Take two steps forward, starting with the right.

Take three steps forward in quick-quick-slow rhythm, starting with the right. Repeat this starting with the left.

Turn to face centre and step to the side with the right, then lift the left foot across in front.

Step to the side with the left foot, then cross in front with the right.

Step to the side with the left, then close the right beside the left, then replace the left (quick-quick-slow). Repeat this to the right, then again to the left.


Posadila Baba from Tutti Frutti by Xenos

Dance description by Andy Bettis 7/2005