Rhodopsko Horo


This is a Bulgarian dance that I learnt from Michael Ginsburg at Ramblewood Balkan Camp in 2001.


The music is in an even 4/4 rhythm with four beats in each step sequence. The first two sequences have a slow-slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm while the last one is slow-slow-quick-quick-quick-quick.


Start in a line with the leader on the right, arms in a basketweave hold, facing slightly to the right. The dance starts with the left foot!

Step across with the left foot, side with the right, then across again with the left (all slow steps). Tuirning to face centre step to the side with the right foot and close with the left (both quick steps).

Take three slow steps forward towards the centre, starting with the right foot. The step forward with the left and rock back onto the right (both quick steps).

Take two slow steps back, starting with the left foot. Then step back with the left, to the side with the right, across in front with the left while turning to face right of centre, then close with the right foot but drop onto it while extending the left leg forward (all quick steps).

The first step comes straight after the fast steps at the end, don't pause at the end of the sequence.

Once you have found the rhythm in the music start at the beginning of any musical phrase.


Gaidarski melodii from Bulgarian Folk Dances, Vol. 1 (compilation) by 100 Kaba-Bagpipes Orchestra

Rodopsko Horo from The Great Bulgarian Masters-Bagpipe by Petar Yanev

Dance description by Andy Bettis - July 2005