A Rom dance from Bujanovac, a village in South Serbia. I learnt this dance at the EEFC Ramblewood Balkan Camp in 1998 and refined it with Steve Kotansky in 2004.


The music has an even 4/4 rhythm.


Open circle, arms in a W hold. Start off near the centre of the circle as the first steps go backwards.

Facing centre, step back on the right, then on the left, then on the right, followed by two quick steps in place (left, right).

One grapevine - step across in front with the left foot, step to the side with the right, cross behind with the left foot, side with the right.

Facing right of centre step forward with the left foot, quickly close with the right, then step forward again with the left. Turn to face centre to start the sequence again.

When Steve taught this dance in 2004 he started with the three steps going in, but otherwise the dance is the same. I still find it easier to start with the backward steps, but it does mean you have to move the dancers inwards before starting.


Sa from Bujanovac from Findhorn 2004 produced by Steve Kotansky

Štipksi Sasa / Tikino Sasa from King Ferus by Ferus Mustafov

Tutti Frutti from Tutti Frutti by Xenos

Dance description by Andy Bettis - August 2004