A dance from Florina (northern Greece). I learnt this dance from Anne Hildyard and George Kiriakidis in 2006.


The music is in an even 4/4 rhythm, the dance fits with the musical phrase.


Start off in a circle, with arms in a W hold.

Lift the right foot, then take three small steps back, starting with the right. While doing this bring the arms down to a V hold then move them slightly forward.
The third step can be more to the side than straight back.

Turning to face diagonally to the right and take four steps forward, starting with the left foot. Swing the arms back, forward, back, forward in time with the steps.
There can be a small bounce before the first of these steps, and sometimes before the third as well.

Turning to face centre raise the arms to a W hold and lift the left foot, then take a small step back. Repeat with the right. Lift the left, then take a step forward, then stamp the right beside the left. There's a one-beat pause then the sequence starts again.
This can also be done as three lift/steps on the spot.

The dance begins at the start of any musical phrase.


Svekrvino (Simbethera) from Florinalia by Xenos.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 11/2008