Staro Pomaško


A dance of the Pomak (Moslem) people from around the town of Dospat in the Western Rhodope region of Bulgaria. It is related to the general Širto group of dances.
I learned this dance from Yves Moreau in 2011.


The music is in 7/8, danced as slow-quick-quick (3-2-2) or slow-slow (3-4).


Start in a line in a W hold, facing right.

First part (with singing)

Take two slow steps forward, starting with the right.
Take three steps forward in slow-quick-quick rhythm, starting with the right.
Step forward with the left (slow), then do two quick bounces with the right leg extended while turning to face centre.
Step forward with the right (slow), then lift the left foot behind the right knee (slow).

Step forward with the left (slow), then lift the right in front (slow).
Bring the right around (slow) until the foot is behind the left knee (slow).
Step back on the right (slow), lift the left (quick), then step back on the left (quick).
Step back with the right (slow), close with the left (quick), then step forward with the right (quick).
Repeat from the step forward with the left foot but at the end replace the last two quick steps with a slow close with the left foot.

Do the first part twice.

Second part (instrumental)

Facing right take two sets of slow-quick-quick steps, starting with the right.
Turning to face centre step to the side with the right (slow), lift the left while bringing it behind the right (quick), then cross behind with the left.
Step to the side with the right (slow), then close with the left (slow).

Do the second part twice.

There is an instrumental introduction, the dance starts with the singing.


Kači se na Hisarja from a workshop CD produced by Yves Moreau.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - July 2011