A very simple version of a widespread Greek dance.


The rhythm is usually 4/4, split 2-1-1 or slow, quick, quick.
It can also be danced in a 7/8 rhythm, split 3-2-2.


Start in a line, arms in a V hold, facing right.

Take three steps forward, right (slow), left (quick), and right (quick).
Repeat this with the opposite feet.

Turn to face centre and raise the arms high.
Step to the side with the right (slow), cross behind with the left (quick), and replace the right (quick).
Repeat this with the opposite feet to the left.


Yiannakis' Syrto from New Moves by Xenos.
Spaste Kale Mario and Karagouniko from Return To Our Roots by Jim Stoyanoff.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 4/2012