One of my own choreographies.


The music is in a slow 4/4 and all the steps are the same length. The musical phrase goes over 5 bars which fits to the step sequence.


The first set of steps move to the right. The second set move inwards, to the left, then back out again, with each dancer tracing a sort of anticlockwise circle on the floor. Face centre throughout the dance.

Start off in a circle, arms in a V hold.

First Part

Start with 'one and a quarter grapevines' Right to the side, left cross in front, right to the side, left cross behind, right to the side

Second Part

Step forward and slightly across with the left, then forward and slightly across with the right. Slowly raise the arms high during these steps, and look upwards as the arms come up.

Step to the side with the left.

Step backwards and slightly across with the right, then backwards and slightly across with the left. Lower the arms back to a V hold during these steps.

The dance steps fit the musical phrase, after a few listens it is easy to find where to start.

Simple version

I also do a simpler dance to this music, which I was taught as the Pilgrim's Dance.

Start in a line, facing right. Put your right arm on the left shoulder of the person in front, the left arm can hang by your side, or be placed on your heart, or go wherever feels best.

Take three steps forward, starting with the right foot. Sway back onto the left foot.

This dance sequence doesn't fit the musical phrase, just follow the rhythm.


Waterfall from Angelus by Andy Bettis.
Ej Bánat from OSZ by Kolinda.


The name Waterfall came from the piece of music, actually the dance feels more like the floating down a stream with the general forward progression interrupted by twisting eddy currents every so often. Setbacks in the onward flow of one's life path? You decide.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 7/2002