Zensko Beranče


This is a Macedonian womens' dance. I learnt this dance from Laura Shannon.


The music is in 12/8 time, split into 3-2-2-3-2 or slow-quick-quick-slow-quick. Remember that the last step is quick!


In a line, arms in a W hold, facing right.

Step forward with the left foot. Touch the right beside the left and swivel to face centre. Step on the right beside the left and swivel to face right again. Step forward with the left foot, then lift the right and turn to face centre.

Step forwards with the right foot, then lift the left foot beside the right.Step back with the left foot, then close with the right. Finally point the left foot to the left side, but be ready to turn right to start the sequence again.

Being sharply on the beat is essential for getting the most from this dance, most especially going from the last to the first step in the sequence.

With the two swivels at the start, if you keep the movement bouncy there is less weight on the feet and it's easier to turn.


Berače from Florinalia by AXenos.

Bajrače from Macedonia Dances by Marem Aliev.

Beranče from Macedonian Folk Music by Tsrvena Kniga.

Beranče from Dances of Macedonia and the Balkans by Adam Good.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - August 2007