Volca archives
April 2016

Bloodless was a very quick study that developed a mechanical & robotic feel that I quite liked. Very minimal - a one-note sequence with minimal bass & drums, then just a few overdubs to flesh it out. All three Volcas.

Thrifty is so called because I used very few ingredients to put it together - very few patterns used for the drums, bass & main sequencer and lots of reused elements in the overdubs. This came together very quickly & easily and was lots of fun! All three Volcas.

Alone in the caverns is another of my 'cavern' pieces - slow, languid & bleepy with lots of echo. Volca Keys & Bass.

Cushioned started off with a nice, prickly main sequence but got smoother & softer with every layer I added - hence the name. I had lots of trouble coming up with a top melody so the main lines are a bit uninspired (to put it mildly). I quite like the 'barber pole' effect of continuously descending chords. All three Volcas.

Offset is based on a one-note sequence with the 'melody' set by filtering & modulation. On top of this I added heavily filtered layers and changing chord sequences to offset the essentially similar lead lines. Lots of fun to do! All three Volcas.

Theta one was a quick exercise based around the single note 'pulse' that was a one-shot recording with lots of knob twiddling. A couple of overdubs to provide some (very slight) structure and that was that. An acquired taste perhaps but it was fun to do something very abstract. All done on the Volca Keys.

Biphase sprang from a simple two-note sequence with a severely modulated tone that I came across while noodling around. This quickly developed into another of my electro-tone texture collages with a curious major/minor balance. The drumming has some mistakes but I didn't want to break the flow while I was recording it. All three Volcas.