Volca archives
February 2017

Transherence emerged from an attempt to salvage some of the elements of a discarded work - as I tried to rearrange them into a nicer pattern the piece went off in a very strange direction. The playing is quite leaden and the overall arrangement doesn't progress as much as I'd like but it still has an unusual (for me) tone that I rather like.
Volca FM, Bass & Sample.

Lagerfingers was created after a night out drinking when I came home filled with buzzing energy. The sequences were created & recorded in the small hours, layers & texture were added the next morning. Another song where I used whatever was left on the drum machine after a previous piece. Over-busy & very unpolished but I like the driving groove.
Volca FM, Keys, Bass & Sample.

Lean2 was a quick study, started off with patterns & tones I'd set up for another piece. Finished off deliberately quickly, so not much polishing and, sadly, a very feeble middle eight. Still, it's got a nice little groove.
Volca FM, Keys, Bass & Sample.

Mechanoid didn't come together easily and at several points I wondered if it was worth completing - as a result it feels incomplete & quite rough. There are some nice touches in the arrangement but the melodies are a bit feeble and overall it's too busy.
Volca FM, Keys, Bass & Sample.