Volca archives
January 2016

Turbines to speed was an aventure in my more abstract & experimental style, enjoying sounds & noises for their own sake. Mostly done on the Keys with some sound effects from the Sample.

Brownfoot was the first time I'd managed to record a stereo input (the drums & basslines) but the toms are way too loud - The mix in my cans is usually way off from the speakers and I haven't found a way to route Garageband to them yet. Technical gremlins meant the whole thing took way too long so the playing, especially the 'lead' line is particularly wobbly. Still, not a bad result.

Company review is a playful look back at Company Man by DAN, one of those fabulous bands that never quite made it.

Parade of the feckless started with a sort of brass section sound and developed into a slow, lumbering march. Decided it was for the feckless when it stopped so suddenly.

A quick lunch came about when I was having a play on the Keys and came up with a nice tumbling sequence using delay and filtering. Added some texture and a sort of melody line and that was that.

Tuning the warp drive started off as a drifting, almost ambient piece - little more than a group of textures really. Then suddenly I was inspired to add sci-fi sound effects on top. It probably would have gone in a more mellow direction given time but for now I'm trying to not linger on pieces for too long.

Halfstomp came after spending a week away from home, during which time I had a proper listen to some of my earlier tracks. The objective, apart from simply getting back to music making, was to try to use simpler rhythm patterns and to have a bassline that used more than one chord. The drums are still a bit plodding but all in all I quite liked the result.

Medium Groove was thrown together after a night out drinking - which might explain my inability to come up with a melody. Still, it chugs along quite nicely. All 3 Volcas used on the sequences, the overdubs were done with the Keys.

Unlucky Sevens was something I forced myself to do, having left the equipment idle for several days. My first attempt at running all three units together, it soon became obvious that there was too much to control at once without some serious forward planning - maybe something to work on. Particularly wobbly playing as I was determined to come up with something before it got too late. Still, I said I'd put my efforts on show so here it is.