Volca archives
March 2016

Hacklete was quickly thrown together to cheer myself up after Confluence - I didn't linger over anything and went with the first chord sequence or line that popped into my head. There's not much to it but it was an excellent tonic for my mood. All three Volcas.

Confluence was rather disappointing - I hadn't recorded anything for a few day so I forced myself to come up with a new piece and I think it shows. The start is disjointed from the rest, the overall structure is very predictable, and all in all it's a bit muddy & undefined. It didn't help that I had lots of crackles coming through my system and the mix I did with headphones sounded wildly different (in a bad way) when played through the speakers. Sigh! Something isn't right but I don't know if it's me or the kit. Time for some sort of change. All three Volcas.

Shortstop started with a rhythm pattern that I used for the bassline, then a simple melody line & basic drums on top. A few overdubs and that was that. Very simple but it turned out quite nicely. All three Volcas.

Phase space began with an unexpected rhythmic interaction between two basslines and grew from there. There's more than a hint of early Tangerine Dream about it which I didn't realise until late in the recording but quite liked anyway. All three Volcas.

Further into the cavern was another experiment in layering with lots & lots of reverb. Mostly done with the Keys, the Bass provides the bassline in the middle.

Gotanimorari was lots of fun to record - it's a reworking of Gotniari, the first piece of music I ever composed. Amazing how much I could remember from over 30 years ago! The part before the break could be considered a cover version, the part after a reimagining. All three Volcas.

Unsettled was odd - it kept pulling in different directions while I was putting it together. The harmonies came out simpler than I'd planned and the glitchy tones didn't quite clash in the way I'd intended. An interesting piece but flawed, maybe something to return to later. All three Volcas.

Synchromesh came together very quickly, which was nice. After starting with a (fairly) unusual basic rhythm I kept everything else simple which helped it along nicely. All three Volcas.

Regulus began with a deliberately primitive & relentless drum pattern and then came together really quickly. Another of my more mechanistic pieces I let early mistakes lead me into unexpected destinations. All three Volcas.

Swamplands was unusual in that I played the bass line on the Keys and used the Bass for the mid-range sequences. Easier to get the changes done as there's lots of repeating sequences so not so much finger dancing on the controls. All three Volcas.

Downhill was a fairly straightforward sequencer tune but it was fun to add some extras on top. Lots of crackles, grrr! All three Volcas.