Volca archives
March 2017

Ratracing began with the intention of producing a Germanic trance electronica feel but I got quickly sidetracked into a (fairly) conventional verse/chorus format. Partly down to my lack of forward planning and the restrictions of the Volca programming systems. The end result had some very disparate elements and was very rough & ready but in some strange way it gelled into a whole (at least to my ears). Some failed experiments in there but trial & error is usually my style.
Volca FM, Keys, Bass & Sample.

Isotope was another exercise in uneven bar counts. The initial tracks were quite harsh and didn't vary enough but I managed to salvage something with the overdubs, even though it remains a bit monotonous.
Volca FM, Keys, Bass & Sample.

Twostroke was a return to bleepy pop but with another uneven bar count to keep it interesting. This was quick & easy to put together and lots of fun to record.
Volca FM, Keys, Bass & Sample.

Embiric was an exercise in blurring the points where a pattern starts or ends, there's a simple melodic sequence that plays all the way through while the accompaniment attempts to disguise the repeats. It's pretty obviously an intellectual rather than purely artistic endeavour but it still manages to have some charm.
All done on the Volca FM.