Volca archives
May 2017

Sugarush was lots of fun - after coming up with the basic sequences (bass, drums & bleepy line) I just went with my first idea each time and let the resulting overdubs lead me in the next direction. Not much melody (there was very little 'room' left after a while) but a nice groove. And a whacky chord sequence!
Volca Keys, FM & Sample.

Hobnail samba was an attempt to finish off half an idea - a 'lumpy' bass/drums groove with lots of texture added to smooth it out. My interest waned (for various reasons) and the end result is a bit vague and directionless. Some nice arrangements but not much centre to it.
Volca Keys, FM, Bass & Sample.

Onslaught started as a technical exercise - a 'barber pole' progression where the last chord leads back into the first one. I let my mistakes lead me away from too much symmetry which was challenging at times but gave the piece a bit more life. The mix is quite rough but I like the driving feel.
Volca Keys, FM, Bass & Sample.