Brazilian Diary - 29th May to 11 July 2010

Gadje Dilo were invited to play at the 2010 Brazilian Circle Dance Festival, on top of which I was to teach some dance workshops of my own.
This is my own personal blog of our Brazilian adventure.

Saturday 29th May - From Findhorn to the South Atlantic

Sunday 30th May - First steps in São Paulo

Monday 31st May - Off to work

Tuesday 1st June - Going up the country

Tuesday 1st June (continued) - Hotel Rancho Silvestre

Wednesday 2nd June - Final preparations for the festival

Wednesday 2nd June (continued) - The first night

Thursday 3rd June - My first workshop

Thursday 3rd June (continued) - The second night

Friday 4th June - Another sunny morning

Friday 4th June (continued) - Trouble in paradise

Saturday 5th June - Rebuilding bridges

Saturday 5th June (continued) - The final performance

Sunday 6th June - Festival completion and return to São Paulo

Monday 7th June - Back in the city

Monday 7th June (continued) - Serene tranquility in the heart of the city

Tuesday 8th June - Meetings, children and shopping

Wednesday 9th June - the Art of the city

Wednesday 9th June (continued) - the last gig and testament

Thursday 10th June - Goodbye to São Paulo

Thursday 10th June (continued) - the long journey home

Final thoughts - looking back from home