Findhorn Festival 2010
Leading An Dro at the Findhorn Dance Festival 2010

Sacred Dance / Circle Dance

Sacred Dance (as it's called at Findhorn) or Circle Dance (as it's called everywhere else) is based on European folk dancing but with an emphasis on the experience of dancing for its own sake, not on performance or competition. Most of the dances are done in circles or long lines so no partners are required. Although many dances are done just for the joy and fun of dancing it is possible to go deeper into them, for personal growth and insight, group feeling and conciousness, for celebration or support.

I taught and led Sacred Dance / Circle Dance from 1986 to 2016, running workshops across Europe, Australia & New Zealand, the USA, the Bahamas, Brazil and Morocco. Although I no longer teach this website will remain as a resource for dancers & teachers and I'm happy to answer questions. The step instructions for the dances I taught can be found in steps, there are some teaching videos in videos and you can read the articles I have written about circle dance.