This is a Macedonian dance.


This dance has an even rhythm, every step or touch takes one beat.


Start in a V hold in a line, facing centre.

Facing centre step back with the left foot, close the right beside the left, then step across in front with the left while turning to face right, then tap the right beside the left. Take three step forward starting with the right, then touch the left beside the right. Take three steps forward starting with the left, then touch the right beside the left. Slowly turn to face centre and step to the side with the right, then close with the left but don’t put your weight on it. Do this whole part twice.

Repeat the first part, but replace the first two taps with turns: Step back with the left, close, step across, turn to face left, three steps forward then turn to face right, three steps forward and tap, step to the side and close. Do this part twice.

The dance begins at the start of any musical phrase.


Bufcansko from Macedonia Dances by Marem Aliev.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 2/2003