A dance from the Pirin region of Bulgaria. An urban dance from the early 20th century done to a well-known song Dujni mi, dujni. The dance is related to the 'strolling' Odeno or Pravoto type.
I learned this dance from Yves Moreau in 2011.


The music is in 4/4, mostly danced as slow-slow (2-2) but with a couple of quick steps.


Start in a line in a W hold, facing right.

Take two slow steps forward, starting with the right.
Step forward with the right (slow), close with the left (quick), then step forward with the right (quick) while turning to face centre.
Step forward with the left (slow), then rock back onto the right (slow).
Step to the side with the left (quick), close with the right (quick), then step to the side with the left (slow).

When the main melody is being sung there are some extra steps added to the sequence (you can tell when this is happening as the melody rises when you take the step into the centre). The dance sequence follows the melody so you should be able to hear when it starts.

Step forward with the right (slow), then rock back onto the left (quick). Come up onto the balls of both feet (quick), then settle onto both feet (slow).

There is an instrumental introduction, the dance starts with the singing.


Dujni mi, dujni from a workshop CD produced by Yves Moreau.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - July 2011