This is a Turkish dance. I have learnt various versions over the years, this one originally came from a Gazi Yalçin video which I was able to refine when I met Gazi.


The music has an even, 4/4 rhythm and there is a step (or bounce, or something) on each beat.


Start in a line with arms in a V hold. You should keep fairly close to your neighbour on the right throughout the dance.

Step forward with your right foot, but keep your weight on both feet. Bounce twice with both feet on the ground. Repeat this 'step and two bounces' with the left, then with the right again.

Touch the left foot slightly in front on the right, then lift it.

Step to the side with the left, followed by two bounces as in the earlier steps.

Touch the right foot in front of the left, then lift it.

The bounces (and the touch-lifts) produce a constant pulse throughout the dance.


Do the three step-bounces and the first touch-lift as before, but this time move in a little towards the centre at the same time.

Take a small step straight back (away from the centre) with the left, then lift the left. Repeat with the right, and with the left again.

Finally touch the right foot slightly in front of the left, then diagonally forward to the right.


Uzun Hava/Agir Halay and Iç Anadolu'dan Omuz Halayi from Davul, Zurna ile Anadolu Gezisi No. 1 by Gazi Yalcin.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 11/2002