Kalamatianos from Sifnos


A variation of the Greek dance Kalamatianos, this one comes from the island of Sifnos. I learned this dance from Karen Michaelsen in 2010


The dance is done to a 7/8 rhythm split 3-2-2 - slow, quick, quick.


Start in a line, arms in a W hold, facing centre.

Step to the side with the right (slow), cross behind with the left (quick), then step to the side with the right (quick).

Turning to face right with a little hop step forward with the left (slow), forward with the right (quick), and forward with the left (quick).

Turning to face centre step forward with the right while bringing the left to a low lift close behind it (slow). Step in place with the left (quick), then replace the right (quick).

Step back with the left while releasing the right heel (slow), step back with the right (quick), then back with the left (quick).


Can be done to 7/8 Kalamatianos music.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 3/2010