Ličenoto (Ormorfoula)


A dance from Florina (northern Greece), very similar to Armensko. I learnt this dance from Anne Hildyard and George Kiriakidis in 2006.


The music is in an even 4/4 rhythm, the dance mostly follows this but also has a couple of quick steps!


Start off in a line, with arms in a W hold.

Lift the left foot, step back with the left, close with the right, then step forward with the left.
Lift the right foot, then step back with the right and start bringing the arms down to a V hold. Close with the left with the arms slightly behind the body, then step to the side with the right while starting to bring the arms forward.
Anne taught the dance with two quick bounces rather than a single lift each time.
George did the swinging arms on both sets of steps.

Quickly bounce on the right foot while lifting the left across in front and moving the arms forward (but still in a V hold). Quickly step onto the left, then step to the side with the right while bringing the arms back Do this sequence twice.
This gives an almost skipping feel.

The dance begins at the start of any musical phrase.


Ličenoto (Ormorfoula) from Florinalia by Xenos.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - April 2010