Pomaško Širto


This is a Bulgarian dance that I learnt from Yves Moreau in 2000.


The music is in a 7/8 rhythm, split 3-2-2 (slow-quick-quick) or 3-4 (slow-slower).


Start in a circle, facing right, arms in a W hold.

Take three steps forward in slow, quick, quick rhythm, starting with the right foot. Repeat this starting with the left.

Turn to face centre. Step to the side with the right foot, cross in front with the left, then replace the right (slow, quick, quick). Repeat this to the left, starting with the left foot.

Step forward with the right foot, then step forward with the left (slow, slower). Step forward with the right and bend the knee, then straighten the knee while holding the left foot by the right ankle (slow, slower). Step back with the left foot, then back with the right (slow, slower). Finally step back with the left foot, turn to face right and take two steps forward starting with the right (slow, quick, quick).

After the introduction (when all the instruments have joined in) get the rhythm and start with any musical phrase.


Bavno Makedonsko from Musique traditionnelle des Balkans by Nikola Et Ses Amis.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - November 2003
Based on Yves Moreau's dance notes