Syrtos Kritikos


A Greek dance from the island of Crete.


The rhythm is 4/4, split 2-1-1 or slow, quick, quick.


Start in a line, arms in a W hold, facing centre.

The rhythm is slow, quick, quick but it's easier to think of it as a slow step at the start and then groups of three quick steps followed by a pause.

Make a very small brush forward with the left (slow).

Step back with the left, close with the right, then step forward with the left.

Step to the side with the right, sway back onto the left, then turn to face left and step forward with the right.

Take three steps backwards starting with the left.

Turn to face centre and touch the right a little way to the side, then step on the right, then start again with the left brush.

It's nice to add a little bounce after each slow step (or after each group of three steps).


Iokasti's Dream from Čirikli by Xenos.

Syrto Kalamia from To Meintani by Loudovikos Ton Anogeion.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - September 2007