Winds on the Tor


A modern dance choreographed by Colin Harrison.


The music is in 3/4 (waltz) time.
There is a step on each beat and generally the first step in each group of three is longer than the others.


Start in a line, arms in a V hold, facing right.

Step forward with the right, then a small step with the left, and a small step with the right.
Repeat, starting with the left.

Let go hands and turn in three steps while continuing to move around the circle.

Rejoin hands while facing centre and step across in front with the left, replace the right, and then close with the left.

Step forwards towards the centre with the right while raising the arms high. Close with the left, then step in place with the right

Step back with the left while lowering the arms, close with the right, then step in place with the left.

Step across in front with the right, replace the left, and close with the right.
Repeat this with opposite feet.

The dance starts at the beginning of any musical phrase.


You can leave the arms free after the turn, letting them emphasize the movements as you turn, cross and replace. Raise them as you step into the centre and rejoin hands as you step back.


Andy's Waltz (Flatbush Waltz) from Archetype by Archetype.
Flatbush Waltz from In the Fiddler's House by Itzhak Perlman.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 9/2007