Birthday dessert, 2020

The hall of examination, Jianshui, China, 2019
Mekong selfie
Cruising down the Mekong river, Laos, 2016
Haircut selfie
New haircut selfie, 2016

Las Palmas, Canarias, 2015
Milan with ears
It was the drink! Milan, 2009
On Findhorn beach
On the beach at Findhorn, 2009
Turkey swimming
Taking to the water, Turkey, 2006
Deep in the rain forest, Tasmania, 2002
Blowing a bubble
Playing with bubbles, Essex, 1990s
Man in the shadows
A shady character, London, 1990s
Teaching a fish to dance, somewhere off the Bahamas, 1990s
Tenerife 1989
On top of the world, Tenerife, 1989
Skopje 1897
Just driven right across Europe, Skopje, 1987
In the bath
Gazing into the soul, late 1980s
At Terri's wedding
The excesses of youth, sometime in the 1980s
With parachute
About to take the quick way down on my first ever flight!
Above Berkshire, 1982
Baby picture
Youthful delight, 1957