Gadje Dilo

Gadje Dilo

Left to right:
Andy Bettis (guitar and tambura)
Lucy Fredman (vocals and doumbek)
Jacqui Watson (vocals)
Bill Henderson (piano, accordion, doumbek and vocals)
Rory O'Connell (clarinet, saxophone, gaida, flute, doumbek and vocals)

Gadje Dilo performed regularly between 2007 and 2012. Previously known as The Festival Band and before that as the Findhorn Festival Band they started off as the 'house band' for the annual Findhorn Sacred Dance Festival before expanding out into other areas, culminating in a visit to Brazil in 2010.

Video clips of the band playing:

Findhorn Dance Festival, July 2011
Posadila Baba
Ketri Ketri
Ani More
Sa Čirikli
Medley of performances

Findhorn Dance Festival, July 2010
Phiravelman Kalyi Phuv
Yianni Mou

São Paulo, Brazil, June 2010
Lute Lute
Syrtos Sta Dhio
Mairam Govand

Findhorn Dance Festival, July 2009
Sa O Roma
Hora Miresii
Di Di

Findhorn Dance Festival, July 2008
Jovano Jovanke
Oj Dje Voj