In early 2014 I started the process of buying an off-plan home - a house that was still in the process of being built. Over the next year I documented the progress of my new abode and continued taking pictures as new features were added. I also wrote an ongoing blog which you can read here.

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My first view of the Georgian Lodge. 12th March.

Front wall. 12th March.

Indoors. 12th March.

Indoors. 12th March.

Roof removed. 7th April.

New rafters, old floorboards. 7th May.

New roof going on. 7th May.

Old cellar (now the communal cycle store). 7th May.

First attempt at stairs. 15th May.

Construction underway. 31st May.

Bedroom/bathroom area. 31st May.

Rendered kitchen. 13th June.

Upstairs. 13th June.

New roof. 11th July.

Office. 11th July.

New front wall. 1st August.

Upstairs walls going in. 1st August.

Kitchen. 8th August.

The courtyard. 8th August.

The stairs go in. 22nd August.